The Scarlet Letter

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Movie The Scarlet Letter
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by Bob Hendrikx on 19/01/2021:
Notes on Soundtrack: THE SCARLET LETTER (1995)

Turned down by Ennio Morricone.

Director: Roland Joffé (1945-) link
Premiered in the U.S. on 13 October 1995. link
Music by John Barry. link

Morricone: "In general, I have the director listen to six or seven themes, among which is one of the previously rejected. Sometimes the choice has fallen exactly to that rejected one, to the injury of the themes written specially for the occasion. For Roland Joffé's film THE SCARLET LETTER I wrote six themes, and he chose the three ugliest. I tried to give him some advice, but he did not want to listen to me." (Composing for the Cinema, page 189)

Morricone: "I'm the one who cancelled everything. Roland lacks too much of self-confidence, it is unbearable, unacceptable even. Already on THE MISSION, I had threatened to stop everything. In THE SCARLET LETTER, he liked the music that I had prepared, but wanted to keep the freedom to change everything at the last moment. I told him he'd better find someone else. When I write, I have to be 100% sure of what the director expects from me, if only out of consideration for all musicians who record with us. I like to bring my personal touch and I'm ready to discuss, knowing that the artistic leader of the film must remain the director. Having said that, Roland and I are still good friends."
(Maestro #7, page 34) (In His Own Words, page 128)

Director Roland Joffé & Composer Ennio Morricone:

1985 – THE MISSION link
1992 – CITY OF JOY link
1995 – THE SCARLET LETTER (cancelled by Morricone) link
2000 – VATEL link